Welcome to academic innovation: crucible (or crucible for short).

What is crucible?

crucible is an initiative from the Academic Innovation team at Sheffield Hallam University. Through this site and related resources, we hope to establish a supportive community environment for creating, publishing and collaborating on ideas relating broadly to the topic of academic innovation.

What sort of topics will be covered here?

The topics listed below are offered as a starting point and should not be seen as limiting, as we anticipate new, emerging themes to be added over time:

  • new and emerging pedagogies
  • digital fluency
  • user generated media
  • learning space design
  • assessment design
  • e-portfolios

What does it involve?

We are intending that crucible will be made up of a number of elements, including (but in no way limited to!):

  • regular blog posts by members of the Academic Innovation team
  • guest blog posts by staff and students from Sheffield Hallam University
  • links to – and contributions from – interesting people beyond Sheffield  Hallam
  • face-to-face conversations across the institution expanding and building upon the online resources

While this site will be a valuable resource in its own right, there are also many other places where some of us publish relevant resources on a regular basis. While we will highlight some of these here, you can keep up to speed with other developments at our pageflakes pages:

This site will be launching officially during June 2009 – please join in the conversations by letting us know what you think, and suggesting new ideas.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi, I have come across a program call ISADORA – do any of you have experience of using this – it looks of interest to non text based courses .

  2. Hi Hils – thanks for flagging this up. No-one in the team has come across this before – do you know anyone who has used it? I’ll ask on a couple of discussion lists to see whether I can find anyone with first hand experience of it.

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