On the shelf…

academic innovation at shelfari.com

shelfari is a great site that lets you gather and share information about your books. You can write your own thoughts, reviews and recommendations as well as exploring other people’s views of texts that interest you. There are groups set up to discuss books relating to specific topics – and we think it’s a great way of finding new resources. If you want to visit our virtual shelf, you can do so by clicking here. nb: we have read more than 3 books between us! but we’re still in the process of building our shelf (virtual hammers and nails at the ready). In the meantime, here’s what we have to say about some of our favourite reads:

The Art of Innovation – Tom Kelley & Jonathan Littman

Richard says…”This book is full of examples to inspire innovation and creativity in organisations.”

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky

Louise says…”For me this is the definitive text on how the social web is changing the way we do things, including learn. There is a strong sentiment that exposure to new tools and approaches can only make the world richer, but that it is richer not because of the tools or approaches but what people bring to the mix.”

Educating by Design – C. Carney Strange & James H. Banning

Liz says…”Heartily recommended as an accessible and thought-provoking text about the role of learning environments. By taking a whole-campus approach, the authors tease out some of the less talked-about or less tangible areas, and illustrate these well with examples/scenarios.”


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